Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Walking in Thin Stiletto Heels (With Video Clips)

As promised, the subject of my latest filming adventures is walking in metal-stem thin stilettos (by RoSa Shoes of course).

I went to a meeting in town the other day and got myself all smartly suited up with my RoSa Black Patent Leather High Heel Court Shoes to complement the outfit. These (as you'll know if you own a pair, or have read my last blog entry) are a mere 5mm wide - narrower than many cracks in the paving around town. I had a fair amount of walking to do and so, apart from (obviously) needing to step over the cracks to avoid certain death, I also had to adopt certain walking strategies to prevent a) damage to the heel stem, b) losing the heel tip and c) becoming wedged for ever and ever in the pavement.

The trick is to concentrate on what you're doing. Simple as that. Watch where you're going. Think about where you're putting your feet. All pretty obvious stuff really, but it seems there are a whole mass of people who clomp along in their thick plastic "stilettos" shoving their feet willy-nilly down any hole, crevice or gaping chasm around. Quite frankly, these people deserve what they get. If they want their shoes to look shoddy and scruffy that's up to them. But that's not me.

But there is another skill - I have to (subtly, almost unnoticeably) alter the length of my stride to prevent any of the above-described catastrophes.
Of course, if you've noticed how close-fitting, and therefore stride-restricting, my non-stretch skirt is, you'll realise that there's a whole other set of skills to be employed here. But that's the subject of yet another blog, I reckon.

Oh, and if by chance the worst should happen (which of course it very rarely does to me, because of afore-mentioned skill deployment) you will see in the next clip my tip for instant running repairs - I always carry a bottle of nail polish of matching colour in my handbag. It's no bother to stop and do a quick "touch up". This is one reason why our RoSa stiletto heels are not leather-covered. There's nothing more heart-breaking than scuffed-up leather. (The other reason is so there's no leather to add to the thickness of the heels).

By the way, you may have noticed in the first clip that there is a lot of quite delicious sound coming from the heels. This is because I have had my expert shoe repairer fit steel tips. I must stress that RoSa Shoes do not come with these already fitted (they have protective plastic-coated tips) as there is of course the issue of damage to certain flooring. One must therefore be most careful when walking indoors. After my meeting, I decided to relax and visit the teashop and stroll around at the local museum. Apart from the tiled floor (which, incidentally, resulted in a most satisfying clickety-click sound) there was a fair amount of wood around. I did try, honestly, not to put too much weight onto my heels, so I wasn't too worried about it. And the two security guards who watched me as I entered the museum seemed quite happy for me to continue my walk....

p.s. You can watch the full-length videos from which these clips are taken by following the link to my YouTube channel on the Gallery of my RoSa Shoes website.