Thursday, 12 April 2012

RoSa Shoes in 2012 - Stiletto Boots, Silk Scarf and Long Pointed Toes

So much has happened here at RoSa since my last blog entry, I hardly know where to begin.

The best thing is to get straight to the point - literally, the point. A very long one. At the end of last year, we were pleased to make available on our Ultra-High Stilettos the famous RoSa Shoes extra long pointed toe.

Wickedly long, this point extends well beyond the natural toes, giving a streamlined, sexy "retro" look reminiscent of the very longest points seen back in the heyday of the early Stiletto, the late 1950's, early 1960's, known then as "winklepickers". Ridiculous name for such a beautiful design but there you go. I think winkles were big in the sixties. I certainly wouldn't have wanted to get winkle juice on my toes, though. I'd have got someone else to pick my winkles for me.

These long points are at present available as an option on the Ultra-High Court Shoes (black leather and black patent) as in the picture above and on our Ultra-High Boots.

Which brings me nicely onto another new RoSa development to appear on the website in recent months - fabulous Ultra-High Stiletto Knee Boots.

As well as the two pointed toe shapes, there are also Stiletto Platform Boots, all of them with those pencil-thin vertiginous stilettos we're so well known for. This is me wearing a pair with the long pointed toe (click for larger picture)...

The headscarf here blowing in the breeze is our new Silk Square Scarf, introduced recently to celebrate our Stiletto collection - illustrated as it is with pictures of RoSa Shoes. Although others have combined shoe pictures into a silk scarf design (notably Manolo Blahnik and Salvatore Ferragamo) we believe we are the first to successfully include extreme stiletto shoes like ours in a classic design.

See what we did there? Subtly substituted all the "horsey" imagery usually associated with the classic equestrian-style scarf designs (eg. "Brides de Gala" by Hermes) with a selection of RoSa stiletto shoes, and blended them into a luxurious setting of belts and chains. Clever, eh? It's not that we don't like horses - we just prefer shoes.

And what better way to wear one of these scarves (if you don't like purple, then try black, red, pink, mint green or blue...) than that mysterious style favoured by so many elegant women in certain smart areas of London from the late sixties onwards? (A popular trend which, for some reason, has gone largely unacknowledged by fashion historians and magazine archives). Well, you may prefer to wear yours in another way. You can run it up the flagpole if you like. But, to my mind, folded into a triangle and tied in a single knot high on the chin, just brushing the lower lip, is by far the best.

I'm told it's flattering, seductive and elegant - but I just like it because the silk feels nice on my skin and, oh yes, it saves on lipstick ;)