Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Why Hobble Skirts and High Heels?

"The Little Black Hobble Skirt" has arrived at RoSa Shoes! We're known for our Stiletto collections, so you may be asking why Hobble Skirts?

The simple answer is that nothing else looks as good with Stiletto-heeled shoes as a Hobble Skirt.

One reason for this is that the curve of the rear outline of a (well-designed) Stiletto shoe echoes the feminine curves of the wearer from the waist down (the "rear" in fact lol), never better shown than when clad in a tight skirt. Here's Yours Truly obligingly demonstrating for you:

A second reason why a Hobble Skirt and a pair of high Stiletto Shoes are inseparable companions aesthetically (and practically) is one of movement. The first thing you do when you put your Hobble Skirt on, before donning your Heels, is to stand, and then walk, on tiptoe to go and fetch them. If you've never worn a Hobble Skirt (i.e. a skirt which restricts movement below the knee) try tying something non-stretchy (rope, ribbon, dog-lead or whatever comes easily to hand) around your knees. How is it easier to walk? Flat-footed or on tippy toes? And, more importantly, what looks better?

And of course it works the other way around. When wearing vertiginous heels, one's stride is shortened. This is a question of mathematics.... or maybe science. Whatever the reason (moving on quickly) it makes perfect sense to slide yourself into your Hobble. You're not going to be leaping about with manly strides in your heels, so why not go the whole way with the look? Your Hobble Skirt magically becomes perfectly manageable when coupled with High Heel Stilettos! And you'll look fantastic!

Of course there will be the occasional hazard. Negotiating hills, for instance, can be fun in a Hobble Skirt and High Heels. Gentle downward slopes can increase the pitch of your foot, already peilously steep inside your shoe, to challenging proportions. Keeping calm and assertive in the face of such adversity is the key - all very character strengthening. And anyway you can remind yourself that the journey back will be so much easier. Going uphill in Heels is a piece of black forest gateau. Unless your'e wearing a Hobble Skirt of course. Which you will be. This takes hard work, determination and quite a bit of puff. Wearing a Hobble Skirt can therefore also be seen as part of your daily fitness routine.

Further exploration of RoSa Shoes' venture into the wonderful world of Hobble Skirts will be the subject of later blog entries. I'm sure you have many other questions. Such as "why are all the Hobble Skirts Black?" and "why are they not called "Pencil Skirts?" or even "Shouldn't Hobble Skirts only be Ankle-Length?". Or you may be wondering, "How the **** do you get upstairs in a Hobble Skirt?"

These and other questions will be explored. In the meantime, you can see how I cope with the predicament of walking on a sloping driveway in this video "Hurrying Uphill in Hobble Skirt and High Heels". Also features "Teetering Downhill in Ultra-High Heels"...